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Marketing Programs

    • Opportunity Analysis
    • Project Management
    • Vertical Marketing Management


Sample Marketing Program

  • Challenge:

A global fortune 100 needed a systematic way to develop, deliver and manage sales programs and promotions to drive revenue and profitability within the US market.


  • Solution:

C2M did a complete analysis of the programs and promotions current in place and identified existing processes to manage these. Based on this analysis, the firm developed a methodology to analyze revenue opportunities and build business cases based on customer requirements within the marketplace. Based on the opportunity, C2M worked with internal teams to develop creative programs and promotions that would incent customers to purchase hardware and software products and services. Offerings included new sales, competitive, vertical, migration, upgrade and add-on promotions. As a part of this project, C2M developed a new, cross-functional sales programs management team and process to communicate programs to customers and the field.


  • Results:

Programs returned over $150M in revenue in three years at a cost of $300K.